The ultimate  trail running and cycling


The kit I use on a daily basis

Figuring out what kit to buy can be a fairly time consuming affair. I’ve lost count of there number of reviews I’ve read, the number of times I’ve had to send back kit because it wasn’t ‘fit for purpose’. Well, I’m a big believer in buying quality kit that will stand the test of time. 


What you find below is essentially my running and cycling wardrobe. It’s the outdoor clothing, equipment and applications that I use on a daily basis. Some of the brands, I’m an ambassador for – such as Aussie Grit Apparel and Precision Hydration. Others, I’m simply a long standing customer. But I certainly don’t endorse anything that I don’t believe is first class. Please be aware that some fo the links are affiliate links that might earn me a little commission but won’t make the slightest difference to your purchase. 

My Trail Running Kit

Aussie Grit Apparel Running Shorts

If there's one thing a runner hates, it's shorts that cause chafage. Well, these don't. I've used them in anger in every distance, and they're simply brilliant. Plus, I love the little secret pocket for your phone or energy bars.

Suunto Ambit
Peak 3

I've been using this watch for over three years now, and previously had the the first edition of the Ambit. It's truly brilliant.

Aussie Grit Apparel T-Shirt

With a choice of 4 colours, this is a fantastic t-shirt for trail running. It's moisture-wicking, doesn't chafe, has reflective strips and drys quickly. It's ace!

Aussie Grit Apparel Long Sleeve Top

When the weather starts to cool, this is a great mid-layer top that keep you warm. It's made of a merino wool/cotton blend and is super comfortable.

Stance Socks

I simply love Stance Socks. They're the bomb! They look cool, they feel great, and they make me feel excited to put them on! Lots of choice of design and colours. I like the Star Wars version!

Salomon S-Lab Ultra shoes

This top of the range shoe from Salomon is perfect for ultra distance events. It's got enough cushioning for a hundred miler, plenty grip and it's hardwearing. Almost the perfect shoe!

Aussie Grit Apparel Men's Focus Jacket

If there's one piece of kit that just about any ultra trail race demands - it's a waterproof jacket with hood and taped seams. And this one from Aussie Grit Apparel is the bomb. You barely notice it when it's on. And most importantly, it will keep you dry thanks to the 2.5 layer waterproof breathable fabric 20k/20k

Black Diamond Carbon ZZ Poles

I've been using these very poles for years and they're brilliant. They collapse easily, pack away without a problem and are super light. Perfect for ultra trail running.

Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0

I love this pack for the number of pockets it has that don't involve you become a Yoga master to reach them. It's lightweight, comfortable and perfect for ultra running.

On my bike

Aussie Grit Apparel Waterproof Shell

Besides your bib shorts, a decent waterproof jacket should be your number one investment. Taped waterproof seems, a pocket for your phone, reflective strips and a snazzy choice of colours. You'll look the part!

Aussie Grit Apparel Bib Shorts

These 2-in-1 bib shorts have to be tried on to be believed. They probably the most comfortable mountain bike shorts I've ever worn. Very technical, functional and dare I say it, attractive!

Garmin Edge 520

I was bought the Edge 1000 for my birthday, but I think the the 520 presents the best value for money. It's super easy to plan routes, great battery life and easy to update. Syncs with Strava. A great bit of kit!

Aussie Grit Apparel thermal gilet for cycling

Aussie Grit Apparel Thermal Gilet

I use this thermal gilet from Aussie Grit Apparel not only on the bike, but when running and ski touring. It cuts out the wind and keeps your chest warm. A brilliant bit of kit!

Aussie Grit Apparel Short Sleeve Jersey

There are lots of cycling jerseys out there. But I like this one because it's a performance fit, decent pockets and a cool design!


Pulseroll Vibrating Peanut Ball

Staying injury free is my number one concern. If I'm injured I can't work, as well as becoming grumpy. So, I sit on the Pulseroll peanut. At first it hurts and then, a few minutes later I get up and feel like a 20 year old again. It's just brilliant! Use Coupon Code TOBIASMEWS10 to get £10 off.

TRIBE Protein Recovery Powder

If there's one thing I've learned through the years I've been taking part in endurance events, it's the importance of a recovery shake after a big event. The TRIBE recovery shakes come in Coco, Vanilla & Cinnamon. Yummy!


Precision Hydration

The number one way to reduce cramping is to replenish your electrolytes. I use their low-calorie tabs and salt capsules for just about any run or bike ride. They taste good and do the job! Ideal for the Marathon des Sables and similar events. Use Coupon Code MEWS10 to get 10% off your order

Tribe Energy Bars

In the old days, I used to use energy gels. Now, I pay more attention to what I put into my body. These bars are 100% natural and gluten free (perfect for Vegans). Super tasty and lots of flavour choices

33Shake Chia Energy Gels

If you're sick of the normal energy bars and gels - then check out 33 Shake. Warren and Erica Pole started the company back in 2012 - and now you can find their products everywhere. Vegan friendly, gluten free - it packs and punch and is super healthy to boot!

Extrem Food Dydrated Meals

If you're doing a multi-stage ultra marathon where you need to carry your own food - the guys from Extreme Food have an amazing choice. Starters, mains and deserts - packing lots of calories for minimal weight.



It's safe to say, that Strava is THE biggest social media platform for athletes. It's a great tool for logging your miles and showing off what you've done to your mates. The free version does everything you need.


When it comes to planning routes, I think Komoot wins hands down. You want to go from A to B - it comes up with an adventurous route as opposed to the 'quickest'. Just a brilliant application!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links to products that I use. In some instances I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I am a proud ambassador for Aussie Grit Apparel and Precision Hydration.