I’m  Tobias Mews

adventure athlete, journalist and author

My mission is to inspire and help you to GET OUTSIDE and challenge yourself

adventure athlete

Whether it's running ultra marathons across deserts, swim running in archipelagos, cycling across countries or wading through mud and over obstacles, as long as it has an element of adventure, I'm in!


I'm a professionally trained television journalist (PGDip at City University) turned feature writer, published in over 40 national and international newspapers, magazines and websites.


I'm the author of two books, 50 Races to Run before you Die and Go!, (published by Aurum Press) alongside being a lead contributor to Lonely Planet's Atlas of Adventure.

brand ambassador

I've worked with dozens of top outdoor brands and am currently a global ambassador for Aussie Grit Apparel.


Alongside pushing my body to its limits, I love nothing more than inspiring people to get outside and challenge themselves. I've given dozens of talks at conferences, festivals, schools and organisations.


I'm a professionally trained self-shooting producer/director specialising in adventure filmmaking for online use.

My story


Who am I? I’m an adventure athlete, ultra marathon runner and a 4-time Ironman Triathlete. I’ve seven sub-3hr marathons to my name, , , wife carrier, cycosportives, mountain biker, Black T-shirt wearing Norseman with a penchant for seeking out the world’s toughest challenges. 

There was once a moment I served Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. I led men in battle whilst on operational tours in Iraq and Cyprus, I know what it is like to be shot at and blow up (not great). I also  know appreciate that you have to set an example to your men if they’re to follow you. Looking back, it’s a period of great happiness in my life. Indeed, I often say that joining the British Army was the best decision I ever made. But leaving it was the second best. 

I felt that it had taught me what I needed – which was to install in me a self-belief that I was capable of whatever I put my mind to. It also taught me that if you do something you love, the money will follow.

For over a decade I’ve built a career around my passion for endurance sports. I’ve been a columnist for the Telegraph and Triathlete’s World, contributed to dozens of outdoor magazines, had two books published, worked alongside some of the world’s top brands, interviewed everyone from Olympic Gold Medallists to polar explorers, appeared on national television and radio, spoken at conferences, festivals, schools and companies – and every single moment has been fun, fun, fun. 

I’ve also done some pretty cool things, like drive across Argentina in a Mini Countryman in pursuit of the Dakar Rally. Or visit all 15 national parks in the UK in 15 days, whilst completing a micro adventure in each. Or cycle from Bordeaux to Biarritz with my wife and daughter along the Voie Verte. Or run the Marathon du Medoc on our wedding day, with our guests running with us. 

What's with the name?

Hard as 

When I was in the military, we’d often refer to something or someone as ‘hard as nails’. In fact there were lots of similar expressions, from scoff to mincing that you’d end up adopting in your day to day language. 

But ‘hard as nails’ stuck with me. And then in my post-Army life I became an ultra runner and endurance athlete, obsessed with finding the toughest trails and races. 

So ‘Hard as Trails‘ was born – which is a bit of a play on words. I’m a firm believer in the healthy body healthy mind approach. And it’s only by pushing the boundaries of our self-imposed limitations will we really find out what we’re capable of!

My palmarès

I've completed over 250 races around the world.
Here are a few that I'm proud to say I've done!


7 x sub-3hr marathons

Including New York, Queenstown, Perthshire, and a few others with a PB of 2:49 at London, despite never having followed a training program.  

Possibly my favourite race of all time and the one I’m most proud to have finished. Top 30. 

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

31hrs of agonising wonder in the rockstar of ultra trail races in Europe. 

Comrades Marathon

The oldest ultra marathon in the world. I got a Bill Rowen medal. I’ll be back to get my Silver!

Marathon des Sables

Top British Finsher in 2011 and 21st overall. 3rd Brit and 15th overall in 2013. Now part of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Jungle Ultra

Ran 220kms across the Manu National Park of Peru’s Amazon jungle in the inaugural race of 2012. 

OTILLO SwimRun World Championships

Ran this with my wife to be, a week before our wedding. Came in the top 15 Mixed Pairs. 

Lavaredo Ultra Trail

A stunning 110km race in the Italian Dolomites and a member of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

A 110km ultra across the island and a member of the Ultra Trail World Tour

An 8-day traverse of the Alps from Germany to Italy. Simply stunning!

Grand Raid des Pyrenees Ultra

Widely regarded as the toughest 100 miler in the world. Finished 100th in 2018. 

Transvulcania Ultra

A 80km beast that takes you up a volcano in the fiery heat. 


Ride Across Britain (RAB)

A 900 mile, 9 day cycle adventure from John O’Groats to Land’s End with Threshold Sports.

Marmot Gran Fondo Pyrenees

A 140km cyclosportive with 5600m of ascent, including two  climbs up the Col du Tourmalet

Coast to Coast in a Day

A 150 mile coast to coast traverse of England with Open Cycling. I did the inaugural event. 

Haute Route Pyrenees (Compact)

Being on my back yard, I did the three day compact version of this iconic traverse of the Pyrenees


Got my Black T-Shirt. What else is there to say?


2010 – My first Ironman – finished in 11hrs.

Challenge Henley

The last iron distance triathlon I did and the third in a summer. Got 4th in my Age Group with a time of 10.40. 

Adventure Racing


2013 – One of the most iconic expedition styled adventure races in the world. 

Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race

2010 – The longest non-stop canoe race in the world. Simply epic!

Original Mountain Marathon (OMM)

I’ve done this race four times, from B class to Elite. It’s nails! And it always rains!

Absa Cape Epic

The Tour de France of MTB races. 8 days across the Western Cape. Brutal but fabulous. 

Podium finishes

2nd - Race to the Stones (RTTS)

TOP BRITISH FINISHER - Marathon des Sables

2nd - Jungle Ultra

2nd - The Namibia Crossing

2nd - Knacker Cracker 10k

3rd - Cayman Islands Marathon

3rd - Iznik Ultra (80k)

4th - Heroes Ultra (160k)

3rd - Highland Perthshire Marathon

2nd - Hellrunner

personal bests

2:49 - Marathon

1:16 - Half Marathon

34:45 - 10k

16:54 - 5k


Finish in top 5% 89%
% of international races 61%
Adventure Races 71%
Cycling 50%
Obstacle Course RAces 85%

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