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About Hard as Trails The nuts and bolts behind Hard as Trails

What is Hard as Trails?

Hard as Trails is an online adventure lifestyle magazine for endurance athletes with grit. It’s brought to you by adventure journalist and athlete, Tobias Mews.

Sounds like a cool idea, how did it come about?

The idea behind Hard as Trails began as an adventure blog, a place to record his adventures from around the world. But Tobias quickly realised that there’s an opportunity here to create not just a blog, but an adventure lifestyle magazine. A hub for endurance athletes with grit looking for more than training tips and beginner guides.

You may well find some of his writing in his column with Telegraph Men or on the pages of Outdoor Fitness, Runner’s World, Men’s Fitness or Cycling Plus, to name but a few. But there’s also a lot that you don’t get to read about. Stories that don’t have a home in the magazines and newspapers that you find in news agents. So this is where you’ll find it – including some awesome photos from the talented photographers he works with that might not have made it into the original feature. If you want to learn more about what Tobias or any of the team get up to, then please do get in touch.

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